Mostly inspired. Melbourne's first in-room Escape Game

We find inspiration in the most unusual of places, so as the weather cools down this winter Crowne Plaza Melbourne is upping the ante in a Melbourne-first and adding a series of engaging puzzles into a hotel suite to create the ultimate Escape Game.

We’ve partnered with iconic provider Rush Escape Game to create a storyline that promises to transport you to a new world full of mystery, intrigue and excitement.


In this seemingly inconspicuous setting of the hotel suite lies a gripping tale of a young traveller who has been kidnapped and fallen in love with the magical beauty that stole his heart.

Players will be forced to utilise every wit, brain cell and IQ point at their disposal to solve an intricate series of clues, each more challenging than the last, within the time limit of 45 minutes. Co-operation, critical thinking, pattern recognition and fast decision making will be required, and before you know it, your problem solving instincts will surface.

Wake up and smell the inspiration.

Here’s the first clue…

To whoever finds this letter,

I have been kidnapped, but do not fear, a wondrous thing has happened to me. It could happen to you too. From where I am, a magical beauty has stolen my heart and in turn, kidnapped my imagination.

In this room is where it all began just two days ago. Follow my story and discover a world of adventure and delight in what can only be considered a winter wonderland come to life!

I know this all may seem so cryptic to you now, but if you steal yourselves away and chase me down this rabbit hole, I will show you something you would never believe.

Melbourne is a city that comes alive with passion when far off places are hiding from the bitterness of their own winters. It is in this winter paradise that my love affair began and where it will always remain.

Will you come find me?


How to book:

The Escape Experience can ONLY be booked by calling our in-house reservations team at Crowne Plaza Melbourne on +61 3 9648 2704.

Escape Suite is available from 1 June – 31 August 2017.

Prices from $399 including a full buffet breakfast for two.

Guests can embark on the enthralling task at anytime during their stay in the Escape Suite.

Inspiration is everywhere and often in unexpected places, you just have to keep your eyes open. At Crowne Plaza Melbourne, we’re all business mostly.


Crowne Plaza Melbourne has partnered with iconic Melbourne Escape Game provider, Rush Escape Game to deliver this experience.

Their goal for every player of the escape game is to feel the RUSH of playing – others would refer to this experience as “being in the zone” while researchers call it “flow”. At the peak of this state you will feel great and perform at your best, action and awareness merge, time flies and self vanishes. If you have ever been involved in an activity or project where everything else was forgotten, then you will be familiar with this state.

Terms and Conditions

All puzzles are suitable for all ages. The length of game play is 45 minutes. The Escape Suite must be booked for a minimum of 1 night and is only available from 1 June – 31 August 2017 at Crowne Plaza Melbourne. Bookings must be made directly through the hotel reservations team. The Escape Suite is subject to availability. Full pre-payment will be taken at time of booking and bookings are non-amendable and cancellable. Guests occupying the room take responsibility for the use of the puzzles. If removed from the room or damaged, charges will apply. These will be added to your room account.

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