IHG® Business Rewards

Book. Meet. Enjoy.

Book meetings, events or accommodation on behalf of others between 15th January and 30th April 2018, for events consumed by 31st August 2018 and you’ll earn Double Points with Booker Bonus.

So, whether you book meetings and accommodation, are organising a social occasion such as a wedding, reunion or family get-together, register now and enjoy more rewards with Booker Bonus.

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Our way of saying thank you

When you make bookings on behalf of others, we’re here to reward you, with 3 points per US Dollar spent.

With IHG® Business Rewards, you can earn points every time you book accommodation, meetings, or an event at over 4,600 participating IHG hotels worldwide. From board meetings and conferences to weddings and social events, we understand the work that goes into planning and all your bookings are important. With self-registration and no minimum qualifying threshold, we’ll ensure you’re rewarded no matter the size.

Enrol in IHG® Business Rewards Club today and receive 1,000 IHG® Rewards Club points.

We get it. You have lots on your plate. You need this meeting, this conference, this executive lunch to be brilliant. You need the departments to align, managers to sign off and for the Wi-Fi to stay on. At Crowne Plaza Melbourne, we work hard. Especially when it comes to business guests. We look after your deadlines, your details, your delegates, and you. But that’s not all we do. We make sure your delegate’s downtime is as productive as their work time. And their work time is as memorable as their leisure time. Because the better you are at switching off, the more you’ll accomplish when you switch on. We’re all business, mostly.

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Benefits of IHG® Business Rewards

  • Earn 3 points for every $1 US spent on qualified meetings (includes guest rooms, meeting space and food and beverage)
  • Redeem rewards through the global IHG® Rewards Club redemption catalogue
  • Gain access to over 4,600 hotels in almost 100 countries around the world
  • Reach IHG® Rewards Club Gold Elite status with only 20,000 points
  • Reach IHG® Rewards Club Platinum Elite status with only 60,000 points

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Fastest Way to Elite Status

Gold Elite

  • Enjoy all IHG® Rewards Club benefits
  • 10% elite point bonus on base points
  • Priority Check-In, ensuring your room and key are ready upon arrival

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Platinum Elite

  • Enjoy all IHG® Rewards Club benefits and benefits of Gold Elite
  • Priority Check-In on guaranteed reservations
  • Complimentary room up-grades (per availability)
  • 50% elite point bonus on base points
  • Guaranteed room availability (72 hours in advance)

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Points can be redeemed for just about anything:

  • Reward Nights at over 4,600 hotels worldwide, with no blackout dates
  • Gift cards and certificates from countless retailers
  • Turn points, or points and cash, into Flights Anywhere® on over 400 airlines worldwide
  • Exchange points for airline miles/credits
  • Charitable donation options
  • Utilise points to redeem incentive gifts for your meeting attendees or for business items needed for your meeting. Only IHG® Business Rewards allows you to split earned event points with up to four meeting planners per meeting/event

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Terms and Conditions

The IHG® Business Rewards program is available at InterContinental and Crowne Plaza hotels only in conjunction with meetings of ten or more paid guest rooms for at least one night of the event and must include qualified catered/banqueting events directly associated with a meeting, booked and held within the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Caribbean and Asia Pacific.

Booker Bonus terms and conditions apply, click here to read more.

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