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7 Best Beaches in Melbourne That Are Unforgettable

Small houses by the sea
7 Best Beaches in Melbourne That Are Unforgettable

When it comes to Melbourne beaches, St. Kilda is often the first to come to mind. With its vibrant seaside atmosphere and long days spent by the ocean, St. Kilda Beach is a true gem.

However, Melbourne is not limited to just one beach. If you're someone who loves beach holidays, Melbourne has a lot to offer.

To ensure you make the most of your beach experience, we've compiled a list of seven breathtaking Melbourne beaches that cater to all preferences.

Whether you seek tranquillity and seclusion or a bustling and vibrant atmosphere, there are plenty of beautiful beaches in Melbourne that are sure to captivate you.

So, get ready to uncover the best of Melbourne's beaches on your next visit to this magnificent oceanside city. Here are seven Melbourne beaches that deserve a spot on your itinerary.

Popular Melbourne Beaches: 7 Must-Visit Spots

Renowned for their stunning beauty, clean shores, and peaceful vibes, Melbourne beaches are the perfect getaway from the city's hustle and bustle. 

Escape to the pristine sands, clear waters, and breathtaking coastal views before heading back to your room at Crowne Plaza Melbourne, just a short tram ride away. 

The only challenge will be deciding which of the best beaches in Melbourne to visit. We hope you're planning to stay for at least a few days!

In this blog, we're diving into some of the nicest beaches in Melbourne, including:

Ready to soak up the unique coastal sun, surf, and culture of Melbourne's famous beaches? Let's go.

1. St Kilda Beach

Beautiful sunset with palm tree backdrop

Discover the most iconic beach in Melbourne: St. Kilda Beach. This beloved destination attracts both locals and visitors for its soft sand, gentle waves, and charming promenade. 

Experience the nostalgia of traditional beachside holidays with its 167-year old pier and boardwalk-lined promenade.

But St. Kilda offers more than just a beautiful beach. Families can enjoy the thrilling rides at Luna Park, while the surrounding area boasts a wide array of restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops. Indulge in a cup of quintessential Melbourne coffee, satisfy your retail therapy cravings, and savour delicious dining options while breathing in the fresh sea air.

If you're travelling to Melbourne between September and April, you might even be lucky enough to catch one of the best attractions St. Kilda has to offer. The St. Kilda Pier is home to a colony of Little Penguins, also known as Fairy Penguins, who like to frequent the shore furing their breeding season. 

These adorable creatures come ashore after sunset, typically around dusk, to return to their nests. You'll want to bring a camera for this expedition!

Conveniently located only 6km from Melbourne CBD, reaching St. Kilda is a breeze. Public transport connects the city to the coast, allowing you to go from bed to beach in no time. 

For unforgettable views, plan a visit before sunset and unwind at one of the St. Kilda beachfront bars. Relax as you witness the sun setting over the ocean, transforming the waters into a mesmerising liquid gold. It's pure perfection!

2. Brighton Beach

Small beach houses in different colours

We're sure you've seen the famous photographs. You might have even caught a clip or two of this stunning locale on a travel show or social media. We're talking, of course, about the iconic Brighton Beach.

Also known as Dendy Street Beach, Brighton Beach is imbued with unique charm. With its 82 vibrant (and ultra-iconic) wooden bathing boxes and beach huts, this must-visit hotspot is truly one of the nicest beaches in Melbourne.

Brighton Beach offers clean, clear, and shallow waters, making it ideal for families to enjoy. It's the perfect spot for picnics, where you can relax in the grassy area behind the beach without worrying about sand in your sandwiches. 

The picturesque backdrop of Melbourne's towering skyscrapers, combined with the colourful Brighton Beach boxes, creates a paradise for Instagram lovers and photographers alike.

Located just 20 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, Dendy Street Beach is easily accessible. Whether you prefer cycling, walking, or even having a barbecue, you'll find everything you need here. It's an ideal destination for little explorers to bask in the sun without a hint of boredom.

3. Port Melbourne Beach

White wooden house beside water

Located a mere 3.7 kilometers from Crowne Plaza Melbourne, Port Melbourne Beach is the ideal destination for a delightful bayside day out. 

This hidden gem beautifully combines the allure of nature and industry without feeling overcrowded. What's even better is its close proximity to our hotel, ensuring spontaneous day trips are always an option.

Along the beachfront, you'll discover a myriad of gastronomic delights that cater to every palate. While Port Melbourne Beach may not be renowned for surfing, it's a beloved spot for swimming, paddleboarding, and kitesurfing. Sink into the pristine waters and enjoy the thrill as massive cruise ships gracefully sail past in the distance.

Station Pier offers breathtaking views and ample opportunities for capturing memorable photos. Additionally, a variety of boutiques and cafes provide fantastic shopping and relaxation options. 

However, the true star of this attraction is the beach itself. Extensive stretches of white sand gently caressed by clear blue waters make Port Melbourne Beach one of the most sought-after family-friendly Melbourne beaches.

4. Altona Beach

People strolling the beach during golden hour

If you’re looking for the best places to go swimming in Melbourne beaches, Altona Beach might be the perfect spot for you. 

The largest recreational beach in Melbourne's western suburbs, Altona Beach stretches across an impressive 3km of coastline. With its iconic Altona Pier extending 500 metres into the ocean, it's a haven for fishing enthusiasts and sightseers alike. 

Alongside the beach, the bustling esplanade offers a delightful array of dining, refreshments, and souvenirs to satisfy your cravings.

What sets Altona Beach apart is its family-friendly atmosphere, featuring sand flats that provide a safe space for children to frolic in the water without venturing too deep. With a dedicated beach patrol, you can enjoy peace of mind while your little ones have a blast. 

Nestled between two pristine beach reserves, the natural beauty surrounding you is simply breathtaking. Explore the nearby Truganina Park, Cheetham Wetlands, and Altona Coastal Park for an immersive oceanfront experience.

Situated less than a 20-minute drive away from Crowne Plaza Melbourne, Altona Beach is a perfect destination for a day trip or early evening getaway. If you prefer public transport, convenient options connect you from the heart of Melbourne CBD directly to Altona Beach, ensuring easy access for all.

5. Williamstown Beach

Girl strolling the beach during golden hour

Discover the allure of Williamstown Beach, a beloved destination embraced by the locals. With its breathtaking views stretching across Port Phillip Bay, it's the perfect spot to bask in the sun, unwind, and appreciate the beauty around you. 

Just like many of the best beaches in Melbourne, you'll find lush green parks right at your fingertips, providing idyllic settings for picnics and relaxation.

During the summer season, the beach is carefully patrolled, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for families with young children. If fishing is your passion, head over to Eastern Pier where the deeper waters offer an excellent catch. 

For those seeking a touch of exploration during their beach outing, the Williamstown Botanic Gardens, Hatt Reserve, and Fearon Reserve are all conveniently within walking distance, offering captivating sights and experiences.

Reaching Williamstown Beach from Crowne Plaza Melbourne couldn’t be easier. Simply hop on the train from Southern Cross Station, and in less than 30 minutes, you'll find yourself immersed in the refreshing ocean waters. 

If you prefer to travel by car, the beach is just a short 15-minute drive away. With its sweeping panoramic views, diverse attractions, and vibrant atmosphere, Williamstown Beach is a must-visit destination.

6. South Melbourne Beach

People paddleboarding during the golden hour

Another Beach that is hugely popular with Melbourne locals is South Melbourne Beach. This beautiful stretch of sand is one of the closest to Melbourne CBD, making it perfect for those who don't want to venture too far from the hotel. Popular for swimming and picnicking, the sand

A favorite among locals seeking a coastal retreat, South Melbourne Beach is a picturesque sandy stretch that brings all the allure of coastal bliss with the vibrancy of Melbourne’s unique charm.

Conveniently located near Melbourne CBD, South Melbourne Beach is an ideal choice for those looking for a beach experience close to their hotel. With its popularity for swimming and picnicking, the beach playground and sand dunes provide an exciting space for your littlest travellers to frolic and explore.

Extend your adventure along the Kerferd Road Pier, extending into the sparkling ocean, a characteristic feature along the bay. Sports enthusiasts can indulge in beach volleyball on the dedicated courts, adding an extra element of fun to their beach visit. 

The beach is conveniently located just a 7-minute drive from Crowne Plaza Melbourne. Alternatively, public transport options can whisk you there in just 20 minutes, offering a stress-free travel alternative.

7. Sandringham Beach

People sitting on the beach on a sunny day

Indulge in the nostalgic allure of Sandringham Beach, a cherished spot once favoured by early Melbournites. 

Today, this beach still exudes a traditional seaside ambience, making it a timeless destination and one of the nicest beaches in Melbourne. 

Like the other remarkable beaches on this list, Sandringham offers an ideal setting for swimming and a wide array of off-beach activities. One end boasts gentle waters and soft golden sands, while the other end presents a wilder, more rugged atmosphere.

Take in breathtaking panoramic views of the bay and ocean from the captivating rotunda, providing the perfect vantage point for mesmerising sunrises and sunsets. Adjacent to the beach, you'll discover scenic walking and running trails, along with a variety of charming shops. 

Despite its proximity to Melbourne City, Sandringham Beach maintains a delightfully laid-back atmosphere, preserving its unique old-world style. It's an idyllic haven for leisurely, unhurried days away from the bustling crowds.

Reaching Sandringham Beach from Crowne Plaza Melbourne is a convenient 20 to 25-minute car journey. Public transport options are also available to take you to this hidden gem of Melbourne’s beaches.

The Cleanest Beach in Melbourne

When it comes to clean and charming beaches in Melbourne, you can't miss Brighton Beach. Picture-perfect with its pristine sands and crystal-clear waters, Brighton Beach is well cared for with regular monitoring and maintaining of its cleanliness and safety.

Another top contender for the cleanest beach in Melbourne is Sorrento Back Beach, located on the enchanting Mornington Peninsula. This beach is a true gem, known for its impeccable cleanliness and breathtaking natural beauty. You'll be mesmerised by the clear waters and well-kept surroundings that make it a favorite among beach enthusiasts.

Keep in mind that beach cleanliness can fluctuate over time due to weather events, tides, and human activities. Before heading out, check the latest water quality reports and any advisories or warnings issued by local authorities. 

Beautiful Beaches in Melbourne Perfect for the Family

When it comes to traditional seaside fun for the whole family, St. Kilda is a top choice. Create cherished childhood memories with endless ice creams, exciting fairground rides, and quality time spent on the beach. 

For families with young children who love to run around, South Melbourne Beach provides ample space to enjoy, with patrolled areas ensuring everyone's safety.

Crowne Plaza Melbourne offers the ideal blend of city and beach experiences, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds during your family holiday. With incredible city fun right at your doorstep and Melbourne's best beaches less than a 10-minute drive away, it's the perfect base for creating lasting memories. 

From toddlers to teenagers and parents to grandparents, Melbourne offers a unique opportunity for quality time together on the ocean.

So, pack your sunscreen and get ready to embark on a memorable family adventure in Melbourne, where pristine beaches and unforgettable experiences await!

Hotels Near Melbourne Beaches

As Melbourne's only absolute riverfront hotel, Crowne Plaza Melbourne puts you in a prime city-centre location with easy access to all of the best beaches, bays and oceanside fun in the region. 

Wake up to views of the glistening Yarra River or the glittering city in rooms made for an amazing stay from the moment you arrive. 

Surrounded by the best that Melbourne has to offer, you can stay in gorgeous river view or city view rooms with state of the art amenities for a holiday set to satisfy.

One of the best things about Crowne Plaza Melbourne is that you can take advantage of the best of both worlds. Spend the day at the beach soaking up the sun before making your way on the short journey back into the city for a night of entertainment, attractions and activities.


Does Melbourne have nice beaches?

Yes, Melbourne has beautiful beaches! Some of our favourites include St. Kilda Beach, Brighton Beach, Altona Beach, and Sandringham Beach.

What are beaches like in Melbourne?

Melbourne beaches are as unique as they are inviting. Imbued with quintessential Melbourne charm, the best beaches in Melbourne also offer a variety of landscapes, from sandy shores to rocky coastlines.

Do they have beaches in Melbourne?

Yes, Melbourne has many beaches along its coastline. While Melbourne may be more typically known for its eclectic CBD, dining scene, and arts and culture, there are many dazzling beaches that call this region home.

What is the safest beach in Melbourne?

The safest beach in Melbourne can vary depending on conditions, but many beaches have lifeguards and safety measures in place to ensure optimal safety.

Can you swim in Melbourne beaches?

Yes, swimming is generally allowed at Melbourne beaches, but it's important to follow any safety advisories.

Is Melbourne beach water clear?

The clarity of Melbourne beach water can vary depending on factors such as weather and tides.

Are Melbourne beaches clean?

Melbourne beaches are generally clean, and efforts are made to maintain their cleanliness.

Is Melbourne sea warm?

The temperature of the sea in Melbourne can vary throughout the year. During the summer months, the water will feel quite warm.

Where is the best beach near Melbourne CBD?

St. Kilda Beach is a popular choice near Melbourne CBD, but there are other great options nearby as well.

Which Melbourne beach is best for surfing?

Bells Beach is renowned for surfing, but there are other surfing spots near Melbourne too.

Are there any dog-friendly beaches in Melbourne?

Yes, there are dog-friendly beaches in Melbourne where you can bring your furry friends.

Which beach is best for kids in Melbourne?

South Melbourne Beach and St. Kilda Beach are often recommended as kid-friendly options in Melbourne.

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